meetELT #8 pruh-nun-see-ey-shun

meetELT Sydney: 28 August 2019

Download the presentations and handouts 

  • Clare McGrath (SIBT) Intro to Pronunciation

  • Mark Hill (IH) The importance of chunking and word stress

  • Thays Ladosky (Navitas English) Phonemic script and introduction to pronunciation apps and self-study

  • Laura Reynolds (EF) Connected speech

  • Gareth Evans (SCE) Communicating mouth shape

  • Kristine De Liso (UOW College) The Butterfly technique

  • Penny Podimatopoulos (UOW College) Stress, intonation and pausing

  • Angela Kinsella-Ritter (Pearson) Addressing the common pronunciation errors ESL students make from a speech pathology perspective

  • Michelle Hampton (Navitas English) ‘ed’ endings

  • Karen Haire (UNSW and Navitas English) Tongue twisters

  • Nina Naoum (UNSW) Chunking and compression rhythm (stressed-timed) for accent reduction

A night themed IDEA

meetELT Melbourne: 14 August 2019

Download the presentations:

  • Julia Gardiner The Writing Habit

  • Petar Stojanovic Get SMART with GSE

  • Shweta Ramkumar Small doses in big lessons

  • Cara Dineen Curriculum development project

  • Sarah Chamberlain Extension activities

Take it off...the page!

meetELT Melbourne: 23 May 2018

Download the presentations:

  • Athanassia Iosifidou Forget reporting... start 'rapporting'! 

  • Sarah Chamberlain What's in your pencil case?

  • Alison Black Jump into AI

  • Tetiana Rudovska Grammar on the Go

  • Cameron Rowe Exploiting texts with multi-skilling

  • Vesna Stefanov Hot topics!


meetELT #7 Sydney: 18 April 2018

Download the lesson plans below:

  • Carolina Carvalho Same old story: fluency skills

  • Eve Courtney Accuracy and fluency

  • Karen Haire Pause for applause!

  • Laura Christie To increase fluency practice

  • Denise Metzger Turn taking in informal conversations. Coming to a group decision. Useful phrases for turn taking

  • Georgia Clarke and Deirdre Lynam Assessment and feedback strategies for improving fluency

  • Maria Charalambous Awareness raising and pronunciation

  • Virginia Mawer Using new vocabulary and transferral of skills 

Writing: Stranger than fiction

meetELT #6 Sydney: 5 April 2017

Download the presentations below:

  • Richard Ingold, Navitas, Exploiting a model text.

  • Brooke Donnelly, Centre for English Teaching at USYD, Using screencasts for writing support.

  • Meredith MacAulay and Bianka Malecka, UNSW Institute of Languages, Beyond the Essay: Developing writing through the Discussion Board.

  • Rafael Dutra, 'I know it’s important but I don’t want to do it’.

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